Paul Smith Gloves (source: Mr. Porter)

Recently, I’ve made a few declarations about paying my bills on this blog. I keep telling myself that I don’t need anything, and for the most part that is true. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy for me to live in a world full of beautiful things. I want them all. Take these Paul Smith leather gloves, for example. The colored stripe on the knitted wristband matches the stripe on my Paul Smith sweatpants!

I actually looked around for new gloves while I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, but it was a little too early for the stores down there to be stocking cold-weather apparel. Still, I told myself that it was no big deal because my beloved Hugo Boss gloves are still in terrific shape.

Exercising self-control and being satisfied with what I already possess are both difficult for me when Venus is involved in harmonious aspects that are occurring in my horoscope. Today, for instance, the transiting sun forms a trine with my natal Venus. Tomorrow, transiting Venus forms a trine with my natal Mars. That means that transiting Venus will also form a trine with my natal Venus in a couple of days. Things are only going to get worse!

I’m going to try to fight the urge to spend money that I don’t have. Other astrologers might look at these transits in a positive light, but for me they just illuminate that part of my character that wants everything around me to be harmonious and pretty. That would be okay if I had unlimited resources to cater to this decadent component of my character, but I don’t.

On the bright side, the Bottega Veneta crossbody bag that I saw on the Saks website has sold out. I guess that I can thank my lucky stars for that.

Do any of you with Libra rising or a prominently-placed Venus find yourselves in this same predicament when the planet is favorably aligned in your horoscope? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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