Wow, this post seems even more prescient today than it did a year ago! This is the sort of thing I hope people stumble upon when they visit my blog. You’re never going to really know an uncommon transit like this unless you live through it yourself.

Star Struck Style

Pluto (source:

Here’s an especially pretty, colorized image of Pluto. I don’t imagine that it really looks like that, but I suppose that none of us really know what it looks like. It’s kinda far away . . .

Because it is so distant, it moves like a snail’s pace through the zodiac. I should know since the planet has been conjunct my IC since March of 2019. When it goes direct tomorrow, it will finally begin moving out of orb from my chart’s nadir. Right around the time the sun moves into Sagittarius, Pluto will finally get off my back.

I looked around the internet to see what other astrologers had to say about this long-lasting transit. While the interpretations varied from one site to the next, the consensus was that this aspect has the potential to help someone break bad habits that were somehow forged in…

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