This post from two years ago still resonates with me today. You could literally set your watch to the way my mood changes every year at this time! Both Saturn and Pluto are still in my fourth house, but not in such difficult positions. The weather is cool and comfortable where I live and I feel like getting out and about.

Star Struck Style

Chevy Equinox (source: GM Authority)

No, not that kind of equinox.

The autumn equinox arrives in just a few minutes from now when the sun enters Libra. As I mentioned yesterday, in between the time the sun moves into my twelfth Placidus house and when it shifts from Virgo to Libra, I’m kind of paranoid and self-pitying. It’s weird. If I hadn’t been keeping track of my moods on this blog, I probably wouldn’t have realized that this episode recurs every year at this time. So, when it ends in a few minutes, I can get back to feeling like myself.

And what does that feel like? Well, it’s a little less introspective and a little more superficial. I have Libra as my rising sign, so I’m rarely accused of being too “deep.” That’s fine with me. After spending much of the past six months with too much time…

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