I’ve moved into this new phase and I’m already feeling more confident and “out there.” As my post about trends a couple of days ago indicated, I’m also feeling a little more self-involved. We’ll see how this all turns out soon enough!

Star Struck Style

Chanel Lion Collection (source: Chanel)

I just realized that the progressed moon changes signs in my chart on the day that I get back from Las Vegas in September.

The progressed moon spends about two-and-a-half years in a sign. Recently, the progressed moon conjoined my midheaven in Cancer. Once it moved into my tenth house, I felt a definite shift in my attitude toward my place of work and my perception of how my future might play out there. The urge to do something else altogether quickly dissipated as I began to realize that I could actually exert more control over the day-to-day operations of the facility. I’m feeling powerful there lately. I was not feeling powerful there before.

Anyway, I visited “Café Astrology” to read up on the progressed moon’s ingresses through the signs. Of course, I was dumbfounded by the interpretations offered on the site. The first…

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