Steam Iron (source: Good Housekeeping)

I enjoy ironing my clothes. Of course, my fondness for looking “put together” is indicated in my natal chart. I’ve got a status-conscious Capricorn sun, a nostalgic Cancer moon that makes me long for days-gone-by when people used to care for their clothes, and a superficial Libra rising sign that often has me believing that all eyes are on me.

Anyway, I’m planning on ironing today because I need to get my wardrobe sorted out for my trip. I’m going for four-and-a-half days. That means that I’ll need at least nine outfits — not counting the ensemble I’ll bring just in case I visit the pool.

That probably sounds ridiculous to someone who crams two pairs of cargo shorts, a few T-shirts and some dollar-store flip flops into a gym bag that they cram into the overhead compartment on the plane. Nevertheless, I don’t need to justify my behavior to people who wear pajama pants to the airport.

Besides eating in restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, wearing some of my beautiful clothes is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most on my vacation. I’m not planning to bring anything fancy, but even my most casual clothes are special. It’s a shame that I don’t get to wear them as much as I should.

That needs to change when I get back. I need to spend more time outside of my house. I need to show off a little more. With both the sun and Venus in my eleventh house, it’s obvious to me that my social life has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. I never go anywhere, and that’s likely the reason that I’m so excited just to go to restaurant in a nice shirt that I’ve ironed myself.

Only four days to go . . .

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