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My trip is only five days away, but I am so mentally checked-out right now that I don’t feel like doing anything!

I really don’t have much going on in my horoscope at the moment. With so many stationary and retrograde planets NOT forming significant alignments in my chart, I should probably get used to this feeling. While I’m Las Vegas, I am going to be remarkably unafflicted by cosmic circumstances. I guess that’s better than having bad things happening in the stars.

I will have the sun conjoining my natal Uranus while I’m flying to Sin City. I’ll also have transiting Mars forming a trine to my natal Mars as I’m leaving for Vegas, and then forming a trine to my natal Venus as I’m heading home. I guess that means that transiting Mars will also form a square to my natal Saturn and my progressed sun at the same time. Still, Mars is not personalized in my chart, so I don’t believe that any of those aspects will be of significance. Maybe being away from work during the latter event will be helpful just in case I’m grouchy on that day.

Venus actually opposes my natal Saturn around the same time. That’s not a great aspect for gambling, but it’s probably worse for shopping. I need to make sure that I don’t buy something expensive that day that I’ll regret purchasing the minute I get home.

I’m just really happy that I don’t have anything significant occurring in my chart that might make me feel as if I can’t lose while I’m in the casino. My natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter are both quite unaffected next week.

Anyway, I still have three shifts to get through at work. Yesterday was pleasantly busy — enough to make me feel as if time wasn’t moving by too slowly. I hope for more of the same today. I need a distraction. Otherwise, the next few days are going to be painful for me. I’m so eager to get away from it all . . .

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