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Mars conjoins my north node at 4°04″ Gemini this coming Saturday at exactly the same time that the new moon arrives in Virgo at 4°04″. Curiously, if I get the job that I’ve applied for, Saturday morning will be my first day of the new pay period in my new position.

I looked up Mars’ conjunction to the north node, and I saw exactly what I expected to see on, a terrific website for interpretations of both transits and progressed aspects. The title of the post included the phrase “active advancements on your path.”

That’s all very encouraging. The new moon might be square my natal north node and transiting Mars, but it’s also in my eleventh house. My job is at the YMCA: an organization that is emblematic of the “collective” that the YMCA represents. It’s been the center of my social life for more than thirty years. I could interpret the square that the sun and moon are forming to my north node as a negative aspect, or I could interpret it as a cosmic kick in the pants to move forward. My reluctance to take on the headaches that come with increased responsibility is often at odds with my sense of ambition. I could definitely be more ambitious as far as my career is concerned. I’m often too distracted by my various sidelines to focus on the path that is right in front of me.

So, I’m going to take this remarkable alignment as a sign from the universe that I’m on the right path. Now I just have to wait for the news that I’ve been hired . . .

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