This post from a couple of years ago still makes me laugh today.

Star Struck Style

Paul-McCartney-Wings-Venus-and-MarsVenus and Mars (source: Ultimate Classic Rock)

Venus meets Mars in Virgo today. A lot of astrologers are discussing the conjunction in terms of romance, and I understand why they would: this is a sexy combination of planets. I should know because I have Venus conjunct Mars in my natal chart and I ooze sex appeal. I oooooze it!

But enough about me! Knowing that these planets were meeting up today inspired me to visit to use the search tool to see who else has this sexy, sexy conjunction in their natal charts. The results were hilarious! I set the program to search the database using a 2° orb, and I literally burst out laughing at the results.

The Astrotheme search tool defaults to a “popularity” setting in “descending” order, meaning that the results are sorted from most-popular to least-popular based upon the amount of times the individual…

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