Kate Hudson (source: People)

The full moon arrives this afternoon at 21°21″ Capricorn. My natal Neptune is situated at 21°34″ Scorpio, so I was already prepared to spend this morning attempting to analyze my dreams because transits to Neptune often make my dreams vivid and memorable.

Well, last night was no exception. Special guest star Kate Hudson made an appearance. The funny thing about that is that I don’t really know anything about Kate Hudson. Off the top of my head, I can remember seeing one movie in which she appeared and it was terrible. I do know that she’s an Aries — that’s about it. I have no idea why she invited me to a party at her house, and I didn’t expect her complexion to be so bad in person. I know, right?

Dream interpretation always intrigues me, yet I’m really not sure how much stock I put into the process. I do like these mornings where I reflect upon my dreams because it usually means that I had a good, restful sleep. I don’t recall these complex plot lines and the all-star cast of characters unless I’m really sleeping deeply. That does seem to happen when favorable transits to Neptune are occurring in my chart. In the past, I have published posts about how having Mars hovering overtop my natal Neptune results in sleep disruptions. When that happens, I barely remember my dreams at all.

Anyway, with the effects of the full moon in Capricorn lingering into this evening, I’m expecting to have another night of cinematic dreams. I hope so! I like feeling as if my brain accomplished something overnight, whether or not I understand what that accomplishment was. Perhaps I’ll figure out what this all means as the full moon arrives in a few hours and shines a light on my natal Neptune. Or maybe I’ll just call Kate Hudson and ask her what she meant. That seems like the rational thing to do.

And they say that the full moon brings out the crazy in people . . .

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