Kyrsten Sinema & Mitt Romney (source: Politico)

July 12 is Kyrsten Sinema’s birthday.

I pulled up Kyrsten Sinema’s chart expecting to some action in her tenth house because she is considered to be one of the biggest sell-outs in American politics. What I didn’t expect to see was the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all at the top of her chart and all in the tenth house. The three swift-moving planets are in cautious Cancer, and Saturn is in its detriment in Leo.

It’s quite gratifying to come across a chart that explains everything to you. Kyrsten Sinema is conventional, conservative and greedy — even when she is attempting to wrap herself up in the persona of someone who believes in justice and equality. What’s more, her Aquarius moon provides her with the emotional distance necessary to be the killjoy of the Democratic Party.

She really is as horrible as the press makes her out to be. It’s going to be delightful to watch her lose her primary for her senate seat in 2024. You don’t need to be an astrologer to predict that she’s got a big loss in her future. Unfortunately, she’s really not going to care. She’ll just follow the money to wherever it takes her next. It’s in her stars!

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