Star Struck Style

GettyImages-853663236-1024x683Willie Geist (source: The Athletic)

May 3 is Willie Geist’s birthday.

I watch Willie Geist on “Morning Joe” sometimes. I don’t recall looking up his zodiac sign until just a moment ago. When I saw it was his birthday, it made sense to me because I usually like Taurus natives. I find them to be charming, easygoing and fun to be around. I get those vibes from Willie Geist.

I’m glad that I do get those vibes because otherwise “Morning Joe” would be intolerable. Listening to Joe Scarborough interrupt everyone on the show makes me want to put my fist through the TV screen. He’s an Aries, of course; never allowing anyone else to have the last word is second-nature to him. It’s the one thing that I loathe about Aries natives, and it’s the reason why so many Aries individuals get in such well-publicized fights on venues such…

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