This post makes me laugh. I’m pretty good at being a bitch . . .

Star Struck Style

w600_q65 Birgit Kos (source: Net-a-Porter)

April 13 is Birgit Kos’ birthday.

I often find myself on the website “Famous Birthdays” looking for people to profile on this blog. Just as often, I find myself complaining about the site because it is (A) regularly inaccurate and (B) terribly organized.

For instance, today is the birthday of Birgit Kos. Anyone in the fashion business knows who Birgit Kos is because she has been everywhere for the past few years. A simple search of her name on immediately brings up her profile in the category “Top 50 Models.” And yet her name is the eleventh name listed under the model category on “Famous Birthdays,” following ten women whose names I don’t even recognize. In fact, the so-called “model” residing in the number-one position on “Famous Birthdays” doesn’t even have a profile on

Now I’m sure that she’s a terrific gal. I…

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