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I probably should have done a deeper dive into the broad implications of today’s conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. However, the time got away from me because I was too busy trying to figure out how the meeting of these two planets would effect me. Priorities!

Anyway, I was able to determine that this uncommon configuration happens just twelve minutes away from an exact square to my natal Jupiter, and just seven minutes away from an exact trine to my midheaven. What I can glean from that information is that my current dissatisfaction with my job is legitimate, but I might be overestimating my own power to change my situation at the moment. I applied for a job that I believe is perfect for me last week, and I’ve essentially concluded that I’m going to get it. I could be entirely delusional, or I could be on the verge of realizing my dreams.

I really hope it’s the latter because I could use a change of scenery. Unfortunately, I find that most of Jupiter’s major transits in my chart just inflate my sense of self-importance and make me unrealistically optimistic. Oh well! That’s not going to keep me from dreaming about a day when I get a job that’s worth my while.

Where does this conjunction land in your chart? Is it forming close aspects to important points or planets in your horoscope? Let me know in the comments section or one of my social media pages.

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