I miss this stupid show!

Star Struck Style

antm-inlinejpgTyra & Miss J (source: Fashionista)

April 12 is J. Alexander’s birthday.

When I’m watching “Real Housewives” shows, I’ve always got the zodiac signs of the “housewives” on my mind. For instance, during last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Dorinda Medley mentioned that she forgives just as easily as she starts a fight because she is a Sagittarius. Later in show, during a preview for next week’s episode, Dorinda was shown screaming at her fellow Sagittarius, Sonja Morgan, whom she had offered an olive branch earlier in the episode.

Anyway, I love to see those sun-sign dynamics playing out exactly the way that they should on these reality shows. For a long time, “America’s Next Top Model” was a perfect example of astrology in action.

Tyra Banks is a Sagittarius. Jay Manuel is a Leo. Miss J. Alexander is an Aries. Together, these three individuals…

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