Itchiness (source: Cleveland Clinic)

Transiting Jupiter opposes my natal Uranus tomorrow morning. “Cafe Astrology” describes the transit as follows:

“With Jupiter forming an opposition to Uranus, we need to be willing to make changes in our lives or change will be forced upon us. This is a transit that cries out for freedom, particularly regarding our close relationships. We seek out partnership but we are also holding on tightly to our individuality. We are looking for release or freedom from pressures, strains, and areas of life where we feel limited, restricted, and constrained. Events occurring now can bring surprises and sudden changes of hearts or paths. The desire to grow and progress is very strong now, and we can entertain new possibilities and find inspiration from unusual sources, but we can also be rebellious and impulsive under this influence.

While this aspect can give us just the right motivation to try something new or break free from a limiting situation, we should watch for glorifying all that is new and fresh to the point that we forget what’s truly important to us. This is a rebellious, restless influence — one in which we should avoid making changes just for the sake of making changes. We might take risks (perhaps foolish ones) for the sake of freedom. This is not a good time for financial speculation or travel. There can be fights for independence in our relationships, but it’s also a time for opening ourselves up to new ways of thinking, particularly through our relationships and interactions with others.”

I suspect that this alignment has something to do with my desire to be left alone right now. Fortunately, I have the day off from work tomorrow when the aspect perfects. I might actually be able to enjoy a little “freedom” from everything that is annoying me.

However, this aspect will linger for a few more days, and not only for me but for everyone who was born within a few months of my birthday. The kids with whom I went to school are all feeling this “itch” they can’t scratch right now.

I guess it’s lucky for us that this aspect isn’t occurring in the dead of winter. The weather is actually nice enough where I live that I can actually get out and about without freezing my ass off. In fact, the snow has mostly melted over the past couple of days, exposing the snow mold and making me genuinely itchy due to my seasonal allergies. Thankfully, there is a pill for that. However, there is no pill for these restless feelings, so I’ll just have to keep moving and avoid the situations that make me want to fight for my independence. My allergy medicine also makes me a little drowsy, so that might keep me from lashing out, as well.

I should get some relief from this aspect by the end of the week. As for my seasonal allergies, that’s another story . . .

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