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Jupiter in Pisces simultaneously conjoins my natal Chiron and opposes my natal Pluto over the next two weeks. I’m glad that this transit is only going to last for a couple of weeks. If Jupiter was stationary on this important axis in my chart, I could be in for trouble.

Anyway, I need to avoid the feeling as if the whole world is against me. The same goes for anyone else who was born in late 1965 and early 1966 who might be feeling the same way. Right now, there are people in the world who are truly suffering, so I don’t need to feel as if I’m oppressed because no one else wants to play by my rules. If you’re in the same boat as me, neither do you.

My horoscope on offers the following advice to combat the feelings of self-victimization that Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto might stir up within me:

“Avoid becoming totally convinced of your own righteousness, and do not try to force your own views upon others. Your ideas may in fact be quite good, but your problem comes from the style you would be likely to use. You must try to be open to other points of view and be able to compromise.”

It will be easy for the people of my generation who share this uncommon configuration with me to be convinced of their own righteousness. It should also be easy for us to take a step back and view the bigger picture while Jupiter is conjoining our natal Chiron. Chiron should be that voice in all of our heads that says “You think you have it bad?” Whether or not we listen to it, however, is another matter.

The real problem might come when Jupiter opposes Uranus in the charts of the same people since that planet is within a degree of the aforementioned Pluto/Chiron axis. Rash behavior might seem like a valid reaction to deal with feelings of self-victimization when Uranus enters the scene. However, telling the world that we are the real martyrs will go over like a lead balloon.

My advice for the next couple of weeks is to keep these feelings to yourself. Jupiter is moving swiftly right now, and you can thank your lucky stars that this is all going to be over soon. Now you just have to worry about what happens when Saturn crosses over the same point in a few years from now. Good luck with that!

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