I do believe that I learned a lot over the past year because of this transit. I’m more self-disciplined than ever. I hope that I can keep it up!

Star Struck Style

Saturn’s Rings (source: livescience.com)

Saturn moves into a conjunction with my natal Mars tomorrow where it will be within orb for much of the year.

I suppose that I should be worried about this meeting of the so-called “malefics” in my chart, but I don’t believe that it’s going to be that bad. Over the past few years, transiting Saturn has conjoined my natal Mercury, sun and IC, and I’m still standing.

I have to admit that the conjunction of Saturn and the sun was the worst for me because it felt as if someone had thrown a wet blanket over my sense of creativity. While I still haven’t recovered entirely from that event, I have felt as if I’ve been on the upswing for a while now; I can feel the desire to express myself in a creative manner becoming stronger every day.

Traditionally, this aspect between Saturn…

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