Berluti Bag (source: Berluti)

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a job where I was able to wear a suit and carry around a briefcase like this beautiful Berluti Scritto bag. Then I remember that I would probably resent having to wear a suit every day because I hate being told what to wear. However, I’d still carry around this nice bag if I could afford it. I like to be organized, and I usually leave the house with everything I need in a small bag or in the pockets of whatever coat I choose to wear that day.

On the topic of being organized, the sun enters my sixth house early tomorrow morning. For me, that is a comfortable place for the sun to transit. This year, it should be an even more comfortable transition because of all the other supporting planets in my chart. The Virgo moon will be on the axis where Pluto opposes Chiron in my horoscope shortly after I get out of bed, and then transiting Mercury, the ruler of Virgo and the sixth house, conjoins my natal Saturn in the afternoon.

I’m confident that I will feel like getting my “house” in order both literally and figuratively over the next few weeks. To be honest, I don’t really feel as if I’m in a state of disarray as it is, so I don’t really have much to clean up. Although I’ve had a few planets transiting my fifth house recently, all the other planets in my fourth house have been making me feel self-contained and far less “out there” than I normally do this time of year. Nevertheless, I don’t feel pent-up by my current cosmic circumstances. With the ingress of the sun into my sixth house, I’ll likely feel right at home during this four-week transit.

I’m sure that many other people would be bored with a horoscope like this, but I can see the beauty in this forecast just like I can see the beauty in this Berluti bag. A lot of people need bells and whistles in their lives. There is something especially Virgo-like about me that makes me appreciate routine and orderliness, even though I resent being told what to do. This year, I believe I’m going to appreciate this transit more than ever. It just feels so normal to me . . .

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