Star Struck Style

andy-warhol-silver-car-crashSilver Car Crash by Andy Warhol (source: ArtStack)

I’ve got a bunch of oppositions occurring in my chart over the next month or so. The weird thing is that we astrologers view oppositions in the same way that we view car crashes: they aren’t good. Conjunctions, on the other hand, are viewed favorably even though they bring planets together like a couple of cars that have crashed into one another.

Yet the more I practice astrology, the more I learn to avoid these “good or bad” interpretations. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I don’t like the idea of “benefic” and “malefic” planets. I also don’t like the idea of assigning “positive” or “negative” designations to conjunctions and oppositions.

Some planets shouldn’t share the same degree of the zodiac. Some planets work better when they are very far apart. Often, that just depends upon how a particular is…

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