Donald Trump (source: Financial Times)

The last time that Mars entered Sagittarius, I illustrated my blog post with a photo of a dumpster on fire. Today, I continue that tradition . . .

Anyway, Mars moved into the sign of the archer just a couple of hours ago. It will remain there until late January. Mars can be reckless in Sagittarius, and it can make individuals who are prone to fight throw their weight into their arguments. They can become virtual wrecking balls, oozing overconfidence and leaving a trail of destruction behind themselves.

However, Mercury enters Capricorn in a couple of hours from now, Venus is already in the same sign, and the sun will join those two planets there in about a week from now. Over the next few weeks, the advantage will be with those individuals who are truly prepared to fight. Being the biggest blowhard in the room won’t be enough to knock out the competition. Carrying the most mass into the ring won’t guarantee a win, either.

This isn’t exactly a Brains vs. Brawn scenario, but rather a championship match between the obnoxious showman and the seasoned veteran. Those who have prepared for this moment will be rewarded for their hard work because nothing compares with a lifetime of training. Those who believe that bravado equals strength will soon discover how weak they are. Some hard life lessons are in the stars this season, and I can’t wait to see who gets knocked out first.


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