Vanessa Van Cartier (source: Reddit)

December 3 is Vanessa Van Cartier’s birthday.

I meant to write a profile of the winner of Season 2 of “Drag Race Holland” a couple of days ago, but time got away from me. Anyway, I was thinking of Vanessa because I’m currently watching a couple of the international versions of “Drag Race” and wondering if any common threads might emerge. Vanessa’s win did follow a few patterns. She was the second trans woman to win a second season of the franchise on which she appeared after Angele Anang won Season 2 of “Drag Race Thailand.” She was also the fourth villain to win a second season of the version of the show on which she appeared. Tyra Sanchez did the same on Season 2 of RPDR, Alaska did the same on “All Stars 2,” and Lawrence Chaney did the same on Season 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.” I’m sure that there are many people who will disagree with me on who did or did not receive the villain edit, but I saw what I saw. I don’t know what the rest of you were watching!

There have been plenty of high-profile Sagittarius queens in the “Drag Race” universe, including Shangela, Tatianna, Sharon Needles, Jiggly Caliente, The Vixen, Trinity the Tuck, Gigi Goode and Jaida Essence Hall. Like many of the “Real Housewives” who share this zodiac sign, most of these queens are known for getting in fights in the Werk Room and then hugging it out with their cast mates just minutes later. For a Capricorn with a Cancer moon like me, I’m always amazed by people who don’t hold grudges. Even though I have my natal Mercury in Sagittarius, the concept of forgiveness can be quite abstract to me. I might tell you that something is “water under the bridge,” but I don’t really mean it. I never forget a slight or an assault to my character.

That’s probably why I don’t really like Vanessa Van Cartier. If I had been put in the position to have Vivaldi removed from the competition for cheating, I probably would have been all-business and taken up the issue with the producers off-camera. I believe that Vanessa saw an opportunity in not only starting a fight with Vivaldi, but also by making up with Vivaldi in order to promote an image that she was the bigger person in the scenario. However, I don’t believe that the entire episode was staged for the cameras. I just think that is how a Sagittarius would behave in those circumstances. Her first response was to act passionately, and the next was to act opportunistically. That is the classic Sagittarius modus operandi.

I do think that Vanessa deserved to win, though. I would have been happy if My Little Puny won, too, because they really were neck-and-neck throughout the entire competition. Vanessa did have a stronger finale look, so I did agree with the judges when she was awarded the crown. Still, I did like Puny more, but only because she seemed to be a delightful person in her interviews. Vanessa can disagree with the edit that she received on the show all she wants, but to paraphrase her fellow Sagittarius and reality TV superstar, NeNe Leakes, “She said what she said!” The editors worked with what Vanessa gave them.

Maybe I’ll change my mind about her sometime in the future, but I won’t hold my breath. I never warmed up to Tyra Sanchez, either, even though I never questioned why she won the crown. We’re just different people, cut from a different cloth. Our differences were written in the stars.

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