Winter (source:

Just yesterday, I was telling my class at the gym that winter doesn’t seem so oppressive to me this year. I could chalk that up to the weather because I’ve only had to break out my heavy parka twice so far, but I don’t believe that is what is making me feel “lighter” at the moment. As I’ve indicated on this blog a thousand times before, my chart is so much better than it was last year at this time.

Hopefully, that isn’t going to change. Venus moves into my fourth house tomorrow where it will briefly reside until it backtracks into my third house around New Year’s Day. What’s interesting to me is that I’m going to have the opportunity to hang out at home during that time because I have plenty of time off during the holiday season. Although being stuck at home during a Canadian winter can make me feel like I’m under house arrest, it can also make me feel liberated if I am able to spend my time doing whatever I want to do.

I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible, but with both the sun and Mercury in my third house over the next few weeks, I believe that I’m going to find freedom from the things that oppress me wherever I want to find them. The darkness of winter isn’t going to get me down. The cold weather isn’t going to stop me from doing what I want to do. Living with someone who barely ever leaves the house isn’t going to hold me back.

I’m going to make the most of the time between now and my birthday to enjoy myself on my own terms. The planets have lined up in a manner that is going to make this December easy for me to do my own thing. It’s too bad that I don’t have the money to just take off to some resort by myself because that’s really what I feel like doing. But I’ll have to settle for using all my extra time off like a staycation and just figure out what I can do to have a little fun while the stars are on my side. Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate. Even though the winter solstice is still a couple of weeks away, I already feel as if my days are getting brighter.

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