I love stumbling across a post from years ago that reminds me that I’m a terrific astrologer.

Star Struck Style

Scientists-at-MIT-Minor-Planet-Chiron-Posses-Saturn-Like-Rings-700x325Chiron (source: Cosmos Up)

I’m going out with my friend Tracy today. Years ago, we were roommates. I was waiting on tables back then while attending university, and she was a hairstylist. Strangely, we both ended up becoming astrologers.

She knows a lot more about asteroids than me. As astrologers, we all have our specialties. Mine is the relationship between the birth chart and the conscious construction of a public image. Hers is something else — I’m not sure what.

I’m kidding! She does a lot of cool things. I know that she’s been into asteroids lately, especially Pallas. I’ve never spent a lot of time studying the asteroids. Only when I experienced my Chiron return did I pay any attention to these heavenly bodies.

Chiron is located between Saturn and Uranus. Astronomers currently classify it as both a minor planet and a comet. In astrology, Chiron is known as…

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