Rejection (source: Psychology Today)

Venus is about to oppose my midheaven. It’s really slowing down at the moment, so right after it conjoins Pluto on the doorstep of my fourth house, it will turn retrograde and oppose my midheaven again before the year is over.

I went to read up on this aspect, but I kept getting distracted by a few things on my mind. That took me down a rabbit hole where I started to read up on the phenomenon of rejection and its psychological effects. I know that I take rejection very personally and very poorly, even if I don’t appear to make a big deal out it. I can honestly say that I have a difficult time letting anything go. My natal moon is in Cancer, so I’ve got a good memory and a defensive disposition. I never forget when someone has done me wrong.

My fear of rejection definitely affects my sense of ambition. Having several outer planets hovering over my IC for the past few years has also affected my sense of ambition. That makes me wonder if having Venus turning retrograde in the same sector of my chart is going to take me back to where I was last year at this time. I sure hope that it doesn’t because 2020 was awful for more reasons than I care to remember.

Most interpretations of Venus crossing over this point in my chart are quite favorable because most astrologers look at Venus transits through rose-colored glasses. But the fourth house is also a place where looking back doesn’t only have to be a glimpse into the “good old days.” It’s a place of introspection, like the twelfth house (that’s why I’ve been complaining about feeling “insular” since Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all took up residence there). Perhaps I can look at Venus’ upcoming ingress into my fourth house, its opposition to my IC and its conjunction with Pluto as a time to get a better handle on why I have this innate vulnerability in my character. My fear of rejection is literally my soft-spot. Making a connection between Venus, the fourth house and my “soft spot” isn’t really a stretch of the imagination. In fact, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me.

I’m not the kind of person who reads self-help books, but this might be a good time for me to start. I’d be thrilled it if I could learn to leave things behind me while the stars are on my side.

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