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I published a post yesterday about a well-known astrologer who uses the verb “occult” incorrectly. Yes, I know that I am picky about diction. No one needs to remind me of my own hang-ups.

Anyway, that blog post reminded me of another one of my hang-ups. I can’t stand when astrologers use the word “Sadge” as a short form of “Sagittarius.” It reminds me of the word “vadge,” which is slang for “vagina.”

It’s funny that so many of my fellow astrologers prefer to pronounce “Uranus” so that it sounds like “yer-AHH-nus” instead of “YER-anus” in order to avoid the inevitable: having to listen to people like me make hilarious sphincter jokes. Yet those same people replace “Sagittarius” with “Sadge,” completely unaware of the connotation of that word.

I’m not going to tell anyone to stop using “Sadge” because it is a perfectly cromulent…

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