Bottega Veneta Wallets (source: Purse Blog)

Here’s a photo of some Bottega Veneta Wallets. I have a green one like the last one in the picture. It’s a beautiful thing: a little work of art that I carry around in my back pocket.

I truly appreciate the craftsmanship that is involved in creating a Bottega Veneta Intreciatto wallet. But what I appreciate even more about my particular wallet is the patina it has accrued from sitting in the back pocket of my blue jeans for years and years. It has aged beautifully, and now no one else in the world has one that looks anything like mine.

I’m pretty happy with my wallet, but I wish that there was more money in it. My self-worth is strong right now with three planets all traveling through my second house. I feel good physically, I’m as sharp as a tack mentally, and after looking back at my blog posts from this day over the past few years, I’m in a good place spiritually: astrology has proven itself to me once again.

However, I really do need to make more money. I’ve got a while before the sun moves into my third house, and even longer to experience the effects of both Mercury and Mars transiting the part of my chart associated with “worth.” During that time, I need to make a move. Money means something to me, and I would by lying if I said that I could be happy without it.

I’m going to make more money. 2022 is my year to make more. My self-worth depends upon it.

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