Tom Ford Jeans (source: Tom Ford)

I was just thinking about my trip to Las Vegas and how I want to drop into the Tom Ford store to try on some jeans. I have some of these slim-fit Tom Ford jeans that I’m happy to wear again now that I’ve dropped a few pounds of quarantine flab. Nevertheless, a more-generous fit is back in style, so I should see what Mr. Ford is offering in his own boutiques.

I’m glad to be going to Vegas this time of year — something I haven’t done for a long, long time. Both the sun and Mars will be in my first house during my vacation, and I’m already feeling energized and more confident than I have in as long as can remember. Hopefully, this uptick in my energy will help me get a little closer to my goal weight that I set back in springtime when I purchased my new bathroom scale. I’m about six or seven pounds away, so it won’t be long until I get there.

While I would be thrilled to see myself slim down to the size of the guy in the photo above, I know that’s not going to happen. Nevertheless, Mars will be transiting my first house for about five-and-a-half weeks. I really need to take advantage of this time to be more active. I’m already a very active person, but I do experience a downturn in my vitality when the sun moves through my twelfth house. I’ve gone from doing yoga three times a week to doing it three times a month.

But with gardening season winding down, I’m going to be able to devote more time to my other favorite hobby: being fit and good looking. Thankfully, the stars are going to make it easy for me to pursue this pastime.

Now if I can just avoid the buffets in Las Vegas . . .

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