Wilson Phillips (source: The Today Show)

Here’s a photo of Wilson Phillips. I remember when their song “Hold On” was the biggest hit of the year back in 1990. Man, I hated that song.

Anyway, the stars are telling me to hold on today. I’ve got both the sun and Mars square my natal sun from the twelfth house, and I’ve got retrograde Mercury conjunct my ascendant as it prepares to reenter my twelfth house in a couple of hours.

The funny thing is that I just spent the last half-an-hour shopping for a new computer because this one is old enough that it will not support Windows 11. I could probably go a while without an upgrade, but the last time I got a new system, I waited until the old one became a constant source of frustration in my life. I don’t need to do that again. Also, computers are so cheap compared to how much they used to cost. So, I think I’m going to order one as soon as I get home from Las Vegas. I can probably find a deal to finance it interest-free over twelve months and not even notice that I’ve spent any money.

But I’m not going to do anything yet. With three planets virtually on the doorstep of my first house, I’m far too eager to break down the door and enter this new astrological year of my life by making a grand gesture like purchasing a new computer. However, in the maudlin words of Wilson Phillips, I need to “hold on for one more day.” If I can get through tomorrow without doing anything rash, it will be a miracle. Still, I’m going to try.

Wish me luck!

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