Hindenburg (source: Live Science)

Mercury turned retrograde in Libra yesterday morning. As a result, I spent the day listening to people who were full of hot air.

I was not feeling especially tolerant of stupidity or the bluster that comes along with it. Every time someone used ten words to describe something that could have been said with two words, my eyes glazed over as my mind turned to homicidal fantasies.

I hope that Mercury’s short-lived station was just exacerbating my intolerance of these windbags — it occurred in my first house, after all. I’d like to go to work today and not have to listen to these morons polluting the atmosphere because their empty threats felt personal. Once Mercury gets moving again, the conversation gets moving again, too. For that reason, I’m optimistic about where things will be headed as the planet retraces its steps through Libra. Perhaps people will choose their words more carefully for a few weeks, and perhaps I’ll feel the urge to cut them a little slack when they don’t.

Or maybe not. I don’t exactly see myself screaming “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” to their faces, but who knows what will happen when retrograde Mercury crosses the path of the sun and Mars when they meet up in a couple of weeks just minutes away from my ascendant.

This might be a disaster waiting to happen . . .

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