Compass (source: Merriam-Webster)

October is going to be an unusual month for a few reasons. Over the course of twelve days, four planets will return to direct motion. In the meantime, the sun and Mars will be traveling in tandem, crossing the path of retrograde Mercury as it backtracks through Libra.

I could pretend as if I know what to expect while this is going on, but I’m really not sure how it will affect my own chart. Much of the action between the sun, Mercury and Mars will be squaring my natal sun just two days before both the sun and Mars cross over my ascendant.

I welcome a shift in my own energy levels because I haven’t been as energetic as I can be. I slept for nine-and-a-half hours last night, which is very unusual for me. With the sun and Mars already in my twelfth house, I suppose that a change to my vitality is something I should have seen coming from miles away.

But what’s going to happen when these two planets conjoin and cross over my ascending degree and enter my first house? I hope I get a cosmic kick in the ass. The autumn weather is beautiful where I live and I should be enjoying the outdoors while I still have the chance. Perhaps the planets will compel me to get out more.

I have predicted that something will happen to me professionally. I’m still convinced that I’m about to see some major changes to the management structure of my workplace. I’d like to be put into a role where I could thrive. I don’t really feel as if my skills are being utilized. I’m spread too thin at the moment, doing a hundred things adequately instead of excelling at a dozen things.

Anyway, I’ll see how this all turns out over the next few weeks. I’ve looked back through this blog to see if I’ve experienced anything quite like this in the past, and I’m quite sure that I haven’t. This is uncharted territory for me.

Where does the sun/Mars conjunction in October occur in your chart? Is it somewhere important? Is it somewhere that makes you feel as if you know what to expect? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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