With Mercury in almost the same place it was when I wrote this post last year, I’m feeling the same way today.

Star Struck Style

The Fool (source: Wikipedia)

I used to own an astrology book called “Moon Signs” by Sasha Fenton. I believe that’s where I read the quote that I posted above, describing my Capricorn sun/Cancer moon combination. It stuck with me all this time because it’s true. I’ve never read a more accurate assessment of the essence of my character.

Lately, I’ve been trying to not feed the trolls on Twitter and other social media sites because getting in arguments with fools is the most useless pastime known to man. I don’t suffer fools gladly, and I don’t engage with them because there is no point in trying to change the minds of people whose minds are already made up.

Nevertheless, I was just looking at my own horoscope for the week, and I noticed that Mercury will conjoin my ascendant at the same time as the new moon in Virgo…

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