Idiots (source: Global News)

The new moon in Virgo arrives tomorrow evening in my eleventh house. What’s interesting about this event is that the sun and moon meet up in an almost-perfect trine to Uranus in Taurus in my eighth house, and that all three of those planets will be within a degree of forming a grand trine with my Capricorn sun.

I hope that this new moon provides me with a launching pad to become a little more sociable. COVID-19 has really done a job on my social life and my overall desire to be around human beings in general.

I’m pretty disgusted by people lately. I do get into these “moods” where I become quite misanthropic. I know it’s a not terrible thing because my state of mind is still quite sound; I don’t feel depressed or compelled to do anything to harm the people I loathe so much. I just remain convinced that I need to avoid everyone. That’s really not a lot of fun, though. I miss being around people I like.

RuPaul likes to talk about how important it is for people to “find their tribe.” I think that I should probably resolve to find my tribe because I can’t remember the last time I felt like I was a part of one. The pandemic has done a great job of providing me with an excuse to “socially distance” myself from the idiots I didn’t want to be around anyway (like the anti-vaxxers in the photo I posted above). However, it has also kept me away from the people whose physical presence keeps me off of social media sites like Twitter where idiocy runs amok.

So, maybe I need to resolve to be a little more friendly once the new moon arrives in my eleventh house. Maybe I’ll even make a new friend or two out-of-the-blue considering that Uranus is a part of this unique astrological phenomenon I will be experiencing tomorrow.

Stranger things have happened.

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