Bottega Veneta Roller Skates (source: Mr. Porter)

I was having a super-annoying morning. My cats were misbehaving and it was frustrating me more than it usually does. I had a look at my chart to see if anything was going on that I hadn’t noticed, and I didn’t notice a thing.

Even my Personal Daily Horoscope on told me that I have nothing going on today:

“Today is one of the rare days where your natal charts remains untouched by transits of the swift moving planets. A good day to think things over, review the past and look ahead into the future. It would also be a good day to fulfil yourself a secret wish or carry out an intention that you have had for a long time — especially if you want to be free of all kinds of influences to do it. However, decisions taken of your own accord are not written in the stars; perhaps you just want to relax today and simply be yourself.”

Well, my “secret wish” is to win the lottery tonight so that can afford these Bottega Veneta roller skates I just saw on Mr. Porter. Five years ago, I bought an emerald green, Intrecciato wallet on the site, and it seems as if Bottega Veneta has made that shade of green its signature color. Obviously, my influence in the fashion world is even more powerful than I thought it was! Also, who loves “Roller Boogie” more than me? It’s as if Daniel Lee, the creative director of the brand, has reached into my soul and provided me with the one thing that would cheer me up on a crabby day.

So, I’m going to ask the universe to keep this up because I had a really enjoyable day yesterday. Even this morning has turned out pretty well after the initial drama caused by my cats fighting with one another. I booked my booster shot for the COVID vaccine so that I can go to Vegas. I moved my upcoming dentist appointment into the future so that I won’t have to dip into the spending money I’ve saved for my trip. I even made peace with my rotten cats.

I hope that this day just continues to get better. I don’t like being crabby, but sometimes it just happens. Now that the moon has moved from the sign of the crab to the sign of the cat, I can cheer up and so can my bad kitties. I think that’s how this astrology stuff works . . .

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