Sonique (source: Auntie Fashion)

I used to write a fashion blog on here under the pseudonym “Auntie Fashion.” I kept it up for a long time, and I only stopped when I could no longer deal with my original content being regurgitated by the sort of uncreative “influencers” who felt as if everything on the internet was theirs for the taking.

Anyway, Auntie Fashion liked “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as much as I do. She even interviewed RuPaul and Pandora Boxx back in the day in order to promote the show. When I watched Kylie “Sonique” Love win “All Stars 6” last week, I was reminded that both her and her fellow Taurus Pandora Boxx were my favorites going into the season. Unfortunately, the other bull on the cast took home the crown. Her name escapes me right now . . .

I did have a look at what I wrote about the show almost twelve years ago, and I’m glad to say that it still holds up today:

While I was trolling the web this afternoon, I stumbled across a delightful post on Tom & Lorenzo’s blog introducing the cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Two” (click the link above.)

Of course, I saw a few standouts. I adore this photo of SoniqueThe way she’s saluting reminds me of a screenplay I once tried to pitch. It was an all-girl, alternative-lifestyle version of the classic musical “On the Town” called “Clams Ahoy.” Unfortunately, no one in Hollywood was listening.

Anyway, I also saw a photo of the impossibly gorgeous Pandora Boxx. Pandora and I go way back, and I’ve already got a hard-hitting, Barbara Walters-style interview in the can with her to post here, but I’m going to wait until a week before the US premiere. I’m still not sure when the show will air in Canada, but I’ve got a man on the inside at LOGO who is supposed to let me know as soon as he knows. If I’ve got to sleep with publicists in order to deliver my readers first-rate content, I’ll do it! I live to give!

“RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Two” debuts on LOGO on February 1.

I think it’s terrific that I saw something in these girls so many years ago. I typically adore Taurus natives, so it was no surprise that these two were on my radar the first time they walked into the Werk Room.

With the induction of Kylie into the “Drag Race Hall of Fame,” fans of the show will have a Taurus winner to worship at the next DragCon. We all know that Whatsherface won’t be invited back, and no matter what any of us tell ourselves, Katya doesn’t count. She doesn’t read or write, either, but that’s a story for another post . . .

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