With a bunch of planets in my eleventh house, I feel quite detached lately. That made me revisit this post from a few years ago that explains why I feel the way I do.

Star Struck Style

DETACHMENT-jumboDetachment (source: NY Times)

I Googled “detachment” a moment ago, and I found this photo from an Adrien Brody film that I’ve never seen. The reason I went looking for the photo that illustrated the word is that Venus entered my eleventh house sometime this morning while I was still lying in bed. It enters Virgo this evening. I’ll discuss how that impacts the rest of you tomorrow.

But for now, more about me! Venus in the tenth house made the last month pretty easy for me. I’m working at a job that I like. Even though I’m quite underemployed, I consider myself lucky to employed at a place that works around all the other things I like to do: the things that keep me sane. Venus in the tenth house should bring ease and comfort to professional settings. That’s what it did.

It also increased my sensitivity a…

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