Detachment (source: NY Times)

I Googled “detachment” a moment ago, and I found this photo from an Adrien Brody film that I’ve never seen. The reason I went looking for the photo that illustrated the word is that Venus entered my eleventh house sometime this morning while I was still lying in bed. It enters Virgo this evening. I’ll discuss how that impacts the rest of you tomorrow.

But for now, more about me! Venus in the tenth house made the last month pretty easy for me. I’m working at a job that I like. Even though I’m quite underemployed, I consider myself lucky to employed at a place that works around all the other things I like to do: the things that keep me sane. Venus in the tenth house should bring ease and comfort to professional settings. That’s what it did.

It also increased my sensitivity a bit. I’ve been affected by the current state of world affairs more than I should be. The eleventh house offers the opportunity to detach from that bullshit. It’s a place where Venus becomes sort of impersonal. Even though the eleventh house is related to things like social media, it isn’t warm and fuzzy like a heartfelt post on Facebook that takes on a lovely life of its own in the comments section. It’s more like Twitter: the abbreviated version of the post that loses something because the medium cannot possibly convey the message to the nincompoops and illiterate trolls who read it.

Yet I’m okay with that. I’d like to detach for a while. Right now, I feel as if taking a step back is the right thing to do. After this four-week transit, Venus will continue to speed through my twelfth house, entering my first house in late August. It will remain there until just after Christmas because of its upcoming retrograde cycle. I’ll have Venus, the prettiest planet of all, in my first house for four months. I just can’t imagine how much more handsome I could be, but I guess that I’m about to find out!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep my eyes open for opportunities that might come to me via social media, but I’m also going to resolve not to get lured down the rabbit hole that social media presents to me every day. Thursday’s new moon eclipse is just a few degrees away from my midheaven in my ninth house. I can make a commitment to keep on the lookout for new ventures without getting sidelined by the inanity of the comments section. By the time Mercury and the sun move into Virgo, perhaps I’ll be back to my old, creative self where I can turn my own sidelines into life-changing opportunities without worrying about what anyone else has to say about me.

I could use some of that.

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