All Stars 6 (source: Fandom)

I used to love watching “America’s Next Top Model.” After each episode, I would join up with other ANTM fans on a website called “Television Without Pity” to discuss the show. It was so much fun! I made friends on that forum that I still have to this day.

One of my favorite things to do was to look at the cast photo that was released shortly before the premiere and then speculate over who was going to go home. At the end of each episode, the eliminated model would fade out from the photo, leaving only the remaining contestants. Every season, the editors would try to arrange the models in a pattern that was different from the patterns they had used before. For instance, the models would disappear from right to left, or visa versa. One time, the models who were in close proximity to Tyra Banks remained as the others faded out.

I’d love to be able to do that with the “All Stars 6” cast photo from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but I doubt that the composition of the photo has much to do with the elimination order of the contestants. Still, if the queens who have already been sent packing were removed from the photo, a cluster of them would disappear from the left side of the photo. Jiggly Caliente is an outlier in this scenario. Does that mean that she’s coming back?

Who knows? I do know that each of the eliminated queens except for Jiggly had at least one astrological counterpart on the cast, so no zodiac sign except for Sagittarius is out of the race just yet. I did pick Virgo native Ginger just for fun when I first discussed “All Stars 6” on this blog, and I still believe that she has a chance to take the crown. But after watching these girls for a few episodes, I think I’d like to see a Capricorn in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame.” At the moment, I’m rooting my fellow goat Ra’Jah to win.

Regardless, I’m going to continue to watch this photo for clues that I’m pretty sure are not there. Old habits are hard to break . . .

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