Saturn (source: The European Space Agency)

When Saturn entered my fourth house in January of 2020, I published an interesting post where I discussed the positive aspects of the planet’s ingress into the home-related area of my chart. That was a year-and-a-half ago. Now it’s time to discuss the negatives! But first, a little context . . .

I’m at home alone today. Since the pandemic began, I haven’t had a day off at home by myself where I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. There’s always been someone around yapping on the phone with coworkers and clients. My personal home-office was turned into a shared workspace.

Unfortunately, this arrangement had a tremendous impact on my creative sidelines. My home because a prison from which I wanted to escape during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The place where I used to feed the artistic side of my nature was the last place I wanted to be.

This one-day reprieve has opened my eyes to how much I miss my “me” time. Although I’m not going to be left alone every day in the near future, the chances of me getting a few days a month to feed my creative impulses without constant interruption have greatly increased now that the work-from-home orders have been lifted in the province where I live.

I don’t expect to knock off another book tomorrow now that I’ve figured out how Saturn is behaving like a wet blanket on my side-hustle, but I do expect things to get easier for me. Saturn’s transits are ultimately productive, even when they feel inhibiting at first. I’ve got a huge fourth house, so I’m still going to be working through this phase for a couple of years. Nevertheless, knowing that I might get back to the routine that made my home-based, part-time job so lucrative in the past is good enough for me.

Onward and upwards!

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