It’s time for a mid-year check in. How have my 2021 horoscopes worked out for you so far?

Star Struck Style

Aquarius (source: The Telegraph

Almost nothing seemed to go as planned for me in 2020. I didn’t have a great year, but I didn’t expect to have a great year because my chart was terrible. Of course, when I wrote last year’s horoscopes, I didn’t foresee a global pandemic in the stars. To be fair, I don’t practice that sort of astrology. We stargazers specialize in different things, so asking me why I didn’t see COVID-19 on the horizon is like asking a proctologist why you have a toothache.

However, I did predict a bit of a cosmic reset, and we did seem to get that when Donald Trump lost the American election. While my predictions about a financial collapse didn’t ring true, we’ll see what happens over the next few years when the citizens of the USA realize that the so-called “party of fiscal responsibility” has looted their treasury.

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