Coco Montrese (source: Tom and Lorenzo)

July 2 is Coco Montrese’s birthday.

One of the greatest things about the current version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” is the excitement that occurs when the “Lip Sync Assassin” is revealed. I love watching the queens speculating over who is behind the curtain as the first appear in silhouette at the back of the stage. It’s also terrific to see some of these girls getting their own chance at a “Rudemption” by beating a fellow queen at the top of her game. The first assassin to appear behind the curtain on “All Stars 6” was Coco Montrese, and there was no question that she assassinated Yara Sofia in the lip sync.

I have never been that taken by Coco Montrese’s drag to write a profile of her. For that reason, I don’t even know if I’ve looked up her zodiac sign until now. Of course, her natal sun is in Cancer: the sign that opposes Alyssa Edward’s Capricorn sun. Their differences were written in the stars.

Maybe I should pay more attention to the biggest rivalries from each season to see whose feuds were written in the stars. Because Laganja Estranja is on my mind after last night’s episode of “All Stars,” another Capricorn/Cancer feud comes to mind: Laganja vs. Bianca Del Rio. I’ll never forget Bianca telling Laganja “I’m not your mama!”

Perhaps I’ll pursue this subject in the future. I still have the intention to start a podcast where I discuss the astrology of RPDR, but the minute I put that idea out into the universe, I was called back to work. Once things settle down at my place of employment, I’m going focus on finding a cohost with whom I can launch that project. In the words of a wise woman whose name escapes me at the moment, “the world wants me and the feeling is mutual.”

Stay tuned . . .

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