Zipper (source: Slate)

The sun is opposing my natal Mercury today.

On the bright side, if I get into an argument, I’ll probably win. However, I need to ask myself “Do you really want to get into an argument right now?”

The answer to that question is a resounding “No!” My daily horoscope on echoes that sentiment with the following advice:

“This influence is a powerful stimulus to the mind and to all kinds of communication and interchange with others. You will be engaged in an almost continuous dialogue with others today, which should tell you exactly how you stand with respect to them and how they are reacting to you. It is extremely important that you be receptive to anything that is presented to you. If your thinking is dominated by concern with yourself and your own position, to the point that you cannot hear what anyone else is saying, this is likely to be a day of argument and unconstructive dispute. But if you are receptive, you will be able to learn much. At the same time you can promote your own ideas by making it clear to others that your ideas are not a threat to theirs and that you are willing to work with them as a team.”

Normally, I would welcome the suggestion to be “engaged in an almost continuous dialogue with others” in order to facilitate teamwork. Unfortunately, the universe has thrown a wrench into my plans in the form of a coworker who is completely unaware of how to be part of a team. So, rather than arguing with him, I’m just going to ignore him completely. Right now, zipping my lips is my only valid survival strategy.

That’s going to be easier said than done . . .

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