Career Girl (source: Comic Book Plus)

The big shift in my horoscope has finally occurred now that Uranus has entered my eighth house. Of course, as it hovered over my eighth house cusp yesterday, I got a text from my boss begging me to work from home because no one had anticipated the amount of work we would have to do before we reopened to the public.

Well, that’s not exactly true. While I was in her office the other day, I mentioned that we didn’t do enough to reach out to the thousands of individuals who have memberships at the gym where I work. Then she mentioned that to the big boss right in front of me. He took action that resulted in all the work I had to do yesterday. Fortunately, working from home yesterday will make the next few days much easier for me when I physically arrive at my place of work today. Unfortunately, I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to publish a blog post.

I wouldn’t relate everything involving Uranus’ ingress into my eighth house with my job if it wasn’t for the fact that my progressed midheaven is currently conjoined with my natal Uranus. These are a couple of once-in-a-lifetime events happening within days of each other, and both of them involve the same planet.

However, Uranus’ ingress into my eighth house has plenty of other implications. Many of the interpretations offered by other astrologers mention romance or sudden, unexpected sexual liaisons. That’s exciting! I did just get my second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, so maybe an office romance is in my stars, like in the illustration I posted above (although I’m not sure if I’m Lisa, Keith, or the “Career Girl” in the foreground). It can also augur a sudden change regarding shared resources, and I did buy some lottery tickets with my sister. I’d settle for winning the jackpot ; I can always buy love.

Whatever happens, I’m eager to embrace some big changes in my life. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’ve had a few days in a row where I wasn’t bored out of my mind and looking for something to do to occupy my time. It was no office romance, but it was a nice feeling. I could get used to this . . .

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