Hugh Dancy (source: The Cinemaholic)

June 19 is Hugh Dancy’s birthday.

I don’t know much about Hugh Dancy except that he’s married to Claire Danes and that he played Will Graham in my favorite TV show of all time, “Hannibal.”

I don’t know if the birthdays or the zodiac signs of the characters in “Hannibal” ever came up. I have speculated on this blog that Hannibal Lecter would have probably been a Scorpio because of his fascination with getting “deep” into things as both a former surgeon and a psychiatrist. Also, Scorpios are creepy.

Will Graham, on the other hand, would probably be a Pisces. Pisces can be like sponges, sucking up everything around them. It makes perfect sense that the guy with a psychological disorder that causes him to be too empathetic would have a Pisces sun sign.

What do you think?

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