Scale (source: Men’s Health)

About three months ago, I published a post declaring that I wanted to get leaner. It was a day after the new moon and a week before the spring equinox. Typically, that is the time of the year that my “winter weight” peaks.

Since then, I haven’t seen my weight decrease substantially. However, I’ve been off work again due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Having nothing to do can be my worst enemy when it comes to slimming down. I eat because I’m bored.

Still, I’ve actually made some progress despite being stuck at home. I’ve lost just under four pounds since I made my declaration. I bought a new scale that calculates my body composition, too, so I know that I’ve lost fat. The body fat reading has been steadily decreasing while the muscle number has been increasing. Furthermore, the water-weight number has been remarkably consistent. That last reading makes me happy because I don’t want to step on a scale believing that I’ve lost weight only to discover I’m dehydrated.

Anyway, the new moon in Gemini occurs midweek and I’m glad that I won’t be weighing myself that day. The reason this category on my blog is called “New Moon Bloat” is because I always feel bloated around that time of the month. I’ve made Saturdays my “weigh-in” day because I have a fairly consistent routine on Saturday mornings that ensures that I’m neither dehydrated nor bloated-up when I step on the scale. The numbers have confirmed that for me.

More importantly, some major changes in my horoscope occur within the next week that should help me get down to the goal weight I set when I purchased my new scale. I gave myself until October to lose about fourteen pounds. With the increase in my activity that normally occurs in summertime, I usually lose weight without really trying. Last summer was a bit of a bust because I was adapting to quarantine. This summer will be different. In fact, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be back at the gym leading fitness classes in a month from now. I’ll be working, too. It should be easy for me to stick to my weight-loss plan.

So, with this week’s new moon in my ninth house of opportunity, I’m going to look at all the big changes in my horoscope that are about to occur as an opportunity to keep up the momentum I’ve realized since I made the resolution to slim down. I probably obsess over this subject too much, but with Uranus ready to move into my eighth house of transformation in about ten days from now, the time for a transformation — both literally and figuratively — is nigh.

I feel as if I’m on the right track. What’s more, declaring my intentions to the universe here on this blog seems to help me focus on my goals. So, here I go again, again . . .

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