Donald Trump (source: Business Insider)

I haven’t published a post about Donald Trump for quite some time. Since he lost the election, I haven’t been all that interested in him. Nevertheless, he hasn’t exactly disappeared from the news cycle. In fact, he still manages to dominate it. Yesterday alone, almost all the top stories included the failed blogger with the unusually tiny hands.

On the bright side, almost all the news was bad. Donald Trump’s natal chart is terrible right now! He’s got the Mars/Pluto opposition right on the same axis as his natal Venus in the eleventh house. He’s got the retrograde Mercury/Neptune square that brought to light the criminal investigation into the Trump organization repeating itself as it crosses his natal sun/moon axis (which incidentally is a degree away from his nodal axis). And he’s got an eclipse occurring on that same nodal axis in a few days from now.

It’s a shitty mix of circumstances that should make this week painfully disappointing for the painfully shitty disappointment whose luck may have finally run out.

I’m crossing the fingers on my normal-sized hands . . .

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