I wrote this two years ago. I still don’t have a time of birth for Pence, but it’s interesting to note my speculation regarding the period after the 2020 election.

Star Struck Style

800px-Mike_Pence_official_Vice_Presidential_portraitMike Pence (source: Wikipedia)

June 7 is Mike Pence’s birthday.

Mike Pence’s natal chart on astrotheme.com doesn’t have a time of birth listed. At noon on the day he was born the moon was at 29°38″ Gemini, so he has very good chance of having a Cancer moon.

So, why do I believe that he’s got a Cancer moon? Because I have a Cancer moon and I can be a bit of a “traditionalist.” I sometimes find myself looking to the past while wearing those proverbial “rose-colored glasses.” That’s common for people with a Cancer moon.

I suppose that the preponderance of cardinal elements in my natal chart keeps me from only looking backward, though. I don’t idealize the past. I’m more of the nostalgic type who adores the kitsch value of days gone by. I like to look at things that I once enjoyed just to say to…

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