Molasses (source: Foodal)

A lunar eclipse occurs tomorrow in the sign of Sagittarius. With the sun in Gemini, we might believe that things need to move a little faster. A full moon in Sagittarius can exacerbate that mental restlessness, bringing it to a point where we act out, often through a channel where our words can be misconstrued, like text, email or social media.

The eclipse can bring even more irrationality to the full moon, allowing people to make leaps in logic while defending their ideals. What’s worse, though, is that Saturn is virtually stuck in the sky (it went retrograde a few days ago). This does not bode well for discussions around issues such as responsibility and/or stability. Like impatient children, people are going to expect things to move at an unreasonable pace. Timelines put in place to ensure that processes are followed may be inadvertently sabotaged by those who have the best intentions.

The anxiety surrounding this celestial event will linger with Mercury’s retrograde cycle about to begin. Mistakes made during the eclipse — many of which will be made for “all the right reasons” — will reveal themselves by the end of the week.

My advice to avoid the worst of what this eclipse has to offer is to slow down. Trust in the process if the process has already begun. Mind your own business, too. Furthermore, respect your elders if your elders have been through all this bullshit before. If they know how to pace themselves, who are you to question their authority? Let the experience of the experienced speak for itself. Watch and learn how things get done in an orderly manner instead of offering critiques from the sidelines. If you want to go nowhere fast, let your mouth lead the way.

Almost everything that you want to move ahead quickly is moving ahead. Unfortunately, it’s moving a slow as molasses in January and that’s not going to change — even as summer approaches. This eclipse might provide you with the urge to express your dissatisfaction with the current pace, but with everything else going on in the sky right now, you might as well save your words for another day.

The grownups are talking . . .

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