Futurama (source: Fandom)

I was already feeling pretty good yesterday because I knew that my garden hadn’t been destroyed by the spring snowstorm and subsequent cold snap that engulfed the Canadian prairies all week long. Also, knowing that Venus was about to enter my ninth house made me optimistic about what the next few weeks have in store for me. This morning, I realized that the upcoming Mercury station will have the planet hovering within a degree of my natal Jupiter for two weeks. A typical Mercury transit only lasts a day or so.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is a favorable aspect, and something that has a unique resonance with my natal chart. I have a mutual reception aspect between the two planets with each of them inhabiting houses over which they rule. It is a hallmark of my horoscope. Even though the two planets are in opposition, the mutual reception brings them together as if they are in conjunction, and their house positions personalize this unusual aspect.

“Cafe Astrology” offers this interpretation of the event:

“You can visualize in broader terms and see the ‘big picture’ now. This could be a time when you have a strong desire to verbalize your own goals and ideals. Travel is favored. You are optimistic, which can help you attract positive circumstances. As well, your powers of persuasion are particularly strong now. This is a good time to submit ideas, applications, promotional efforts, and so forth, all things equal.”

That’s great news considering I haven’t been attracting “positive circumstances” for quite some time. My optimism has grown exponentially since all the outer planets that had been lingering at the bottom of my chart began moving away from my IC late last year. Still, I haven’t been all that lucky for a while now. I’m healthy and I have a roof over my head so I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve also been stuck at home with nothing to do for several months. I just haven’t been able to get anything going creatively because I haven’t had the urge to create anything.

However, I did have an idea regarding “promotional efforts” a couple of months ago. With the current cosmic climate favoring “the big picture,” it’s a great time to pursue my “goals and ideals.”

This is good news for me. I suppose I should have seen it coming, but my attention was focused elsewhere. It wasn’t the first time I didn’t see something that was right in front of my eyes, and it certainly won’t be the last.

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