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I have a massage booked next Thursday. It will be the first time I’ve visited my masseuse since last autumn. Increased COVID-19 restrictions have kept me away, but the government of the province where I live relaxed some of those restrictions. More importantly, I’ve been vaccinated, and next Tuesday marks the day that I’m unofficially allowed to “drop my guard.” Considering the strong immune reaction I had to my first shot, I’ve probably built up some major antibodies to the virus already.

It’s interesting that I chose that date to get a massage. That’s the day that transiting Mars conjoins my natal moon. With Mars moving swiftly through the zodiac at the moment, a conjunction between Mars and a natal planet has a period of influence that lasts about three days. What’s more, the traditional interpretations of this transit indicate that it is a terrific time for me to get out of my house in order to avoid a confrontation. “Cafe Astrology” offers the following advice:

“Acting upon your emotions in some manner, or taking action in your home, could figure now with the fiery planet stimulating your emotional, domestic Moon. Depending on circumstances, there could be domestic friction, dealings with people who are frustratingly passive or indecisive, an invigorating project around the home, or an exciting emotional experience now. You could be especially defensive and emotional, or possessive and protective of loved ones. Acting on impulse is more likely now than usual.”

I share a house with a Libra native, so dealing with someone who is “frustratingly passive or indecisive” is part of my daily routine. Being able to spend time in my garden has helped me to avoid “domestic friction” now that I’m stuck at home again. But the weather on the Canadian prairies is quite erratic this time of year, and with COVID-19 variants running amok, I’ve had a few days where I haven’t been able to leave the house. Thankfully, I won’t be in that position next week.

So, I’m going to consider this massage appointment as a preemptive strike against Mars’ imminent attack. Somehow, my intuition told me that I was going to need to practice some stress-relief. If the long-term weather forecast holds up, I won’t be stuck inside much moving forward and “domestic friction” won’t become an ongoing issue.

Now if I could only be sure that the authorities aren’t going to close everything again just as I’m getting ready to get my life back again . . .

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