Coworkers (source: HR Zone)

If there is one good thing that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the social distancing protocols that prevent my coworkers from attempting to “high-five” me. I need to thank my lucky stars for that!

Anyway, Venus moves into my sixth house alongside the sun later today. I’m happy about that because I had sort of a grouchy day at work yesterday. Everyone seemed so fucking helpless, like doing anything for themselves was going to kill them. I couldn’t wait to go home.

Having Venus move into that sector of my horoscope should allow me to lighten up a bit. “Cafe Astrology” paints a fairly upbeat picture of this three-week transit:

“During this time you will find it necessary to subordinate your desire for amusement to the needs of the present. In your relationships it may be necessary to confront difficulties that you have not handled earlier. Sometimes problems in relationships arise when tacit agreements are not clear to both partners. This is a good time to discuss those agreements openly. This influence is good for all matters relating to your work or profession. During this time you should enjoy good relationships with both superiors and employees. You understand how good interrelationships make it all work well. You are willing to work with others to resolve any difficulties that may arise. You may gain financial or other favors, quite unexpectedly, from your employer.”

I do hope that my attitude lightens up a bit because I don’t like scowling behind my mask. It’s exhausting dealing with people who don’t want to do anything to help themselves. On the other hand, I slept like a baby last night, so maybe a little exhaustion is good for the soul. In either case, I really do hope that I start to feel glad to be back to work soon, even if it means looking like one of those idiots in the photo I posted above.

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